Saturday, June 24, 2017
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SRHOA Security Neighborhood Watch


Attention homeowners!! The Sheriff's Department assigned Deputy Kevin Duxbury for Stevenson Ranch.  Please contact him directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 661-799-5158 for any suspicious activity or known thefts, etc. 


Phone numbers to remember:

24 Hour Roaming Security Patrol:  661-255-7022

LA County Sheriff:  661-255-1121

California Highway Patrol: 661-294-5540


Update from SCV Sheriff's office:

The Stevenson Ranch area has seen an increase in the theft of tailgates from residents’ trucks! Most tailgates are easily removed, and don’t require any tools to do so. Here are some tips to prevent this from happening to you:

1. If possible, park your truck in your garage and keep your doors locked.

2. If your tailgate has a locking mechanism, use it. The tailgates on most trucks need to be opened in order to remove them.

3. If you cannot park in your garage, and your truck does not have a locking tailgate, try backing your truck into your driveway and get as close to your garage door as possible. This will not allow enough space for someone to open the tailgate, and thus remove it.

Patrol deputies at the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station have been notified, and extra patrol checks have been requested. If you have any information regarding these thefts, please contact the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s station at (661) 255-1121.

Partner to prevent or report crime by contacting Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station. Or if you wish to remain Anonymous, call "LA Crime Stoppers" by dialing 800-222-TIPS (8477), texting the letters TIPLA plus your tip to CRIMES (274637), or using the website

Please keep your garage door closed at all times when not in use.  Recently we have had an increased level of opportunity theft of garage items such as bikes and motorcycles which amounted to over $55,000 in losses to homeowners.


Neighborhood Watch Meeting update:

The Neighborhood Watch Committee met in January and was joined by a Sheriff's Sergeant, CHP Officer, Station 124 Fire Department Captain and two of his team members, Animal Control and a representative from our Security company.  We also had a nice turn out from our residents.  Topics discussed as followed:

Coyotes: Coyotes have attacked animals in backyards and get into open trash cans.  Do not leave pet food or water out, secure your trash bins, and keep small pets inside to prevent coyotes from entering your property.  If seen, loud whistles and spraying them with water hoses will sometimes make them leave.  They are used to humans.  If there is a problem with a coyote, please contact the Fish and Game department for assistance at (909) 484-0167.

Do not encourage solicitors by engaging in conversation with them.  Ask them to leave immediately.  If there are any issues with solicitors, please contact our 24-hour security patrol at 661-255-7022.  If someone knocks on the door and you do not know them, the Sheriff's department reminds you to call out 'I'm busy, go away", thereby informing the person that someone is home.  If there is no answer, the person may assume that nobody is home and may try to gain access.

CHP has indicated that there is a speeding problem in Stevenson Ranch and a lot of reckless driving.  There were 1500 citations issued last year in The Ranch.  Slow down and be mindful of children and neighbors.

Fire Department Captain reminded us to please call 911 if someone you know is having a heart attack, stroke or needs emergency assistance.  Do not attempt to transport the individual to a medical facility - let the professionals assist.

Be on the lookout for people who may follow FedEx, UPS or other delivery trucks around, as they could be picking up parcels left at front doors.

The best advice is to always look out for your neighbors and report anything suspicious immediately by contacting our 24-hour security patrol at 661-255-7022 or 911 for emergencies.  And as a reminder, please continue to close and lock garages and all doors and do not leave items visible in vehicles.


------------ Public Safety Announcement from the CHP
Bicyclists should always ride to the right of the roadway as often as possible. Bicyclists should be familiar with routes, constantly monitor surrounding traffic, and be observant of the environment; due to the increase in hit-and-run collisions.  Be observant and stop at incidents where you could be a good witness.


Byron Wong, CHP


As a reminder, Stevenson Ranch has a 24/7 private security company, which can be contacted at any time at 661-255-7022.

If you notice your children or others leaving the house with toilet tissue, tape (duct), laundry or dish soap, or eggs, please be vigilant and ask what they are going to do with these items as they currently are being used in nuisance instances or worse.

The Security Committee, with the backing of the HOA Board, works closely with Law Enforcement in our Community and would appreciate constructive feedback.

Also, please keep an eye out for your neighbors - do not allow newspapers to pile up, etc and report suspicious incidents to Law Enforcement and/or Security.



LA County Sheriff's Department Neighborhood Watch

LA County Sheriff's Department Burglary and Theft Prevention

What to do in the event of an escape from Pitchess Detention Center



By taking a few precautions, you can greatly reduce the risk to yourself, and also discourage those who are intent on committing crime.

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station officials are offering the following personal safety tips:

  • Always be alert and aware of the people around you, especially if you are alone or it is dark.
  • Educate yourself concerning prevention tactics.
  • Be aware of locations and situations which would make  you vulnerable to crime, such as alleys, dark parking lots, and remote unlit or sparsely traveled walkways and pathways.
  • Whenever possible, travel or walk with a friend.
  • Stay in well-lighted areas as much as possible.
  • Avoid doorways, bushes, and alleys where someone could hide.
  • Walk confidently, and at a steady pace.
  • Do not respond to conversation from strangers on the street when other risk factors are present, continue walking.
  • Don't set a pattern - use different routes of travel and varying times when walking, exercising, or leaving your house or place of business.
  • Immediately report suspicious activity or persons in your neighborhoods to the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station.
  • Be a good witness - Try to get a vehicle license plate number. If you can't get the vehicle license plate number try to get as much identifying information about the vehicle or person as you can. Such as, color, make, model,  image, type of rims, stickers, etc. pertaining to vehicles. Clothing, scars, tattoos, oddities, etc. pertaining to people.
  • Take a cell phone picture or video of the person or vehicle if you can safely do so. Save/store the information in your phone or PDA.
  • Write down license plates of unfamiliar vehicles in your neighborhoods in case something comes of them at a later date. The information may solve a case should a crime be occurring.
  • Immediately call 9-1-1 and use your cell phone if you have one as a deterrent.


Anonymous Crime Tips

If You See Something, Say Something!

Call: The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department's Toll Free Crime Tip Hotline at (877) TIP LASD / (877) 847-5273


The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff Station's Crime Tip Hotline at (661) 284-2-TIP / (661) 284-2847

or click here for an online submission.

- The tip lines are not for emergency incidents or crimes in progress.


Remember, in an EMERGENCY dial 9-1-1 or the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station at (661) 255-1121.

Click here for for 91381


Information provided by:

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station



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